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Bitcoin Invades US Politics – This Bitcoin Billionaire Following In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Footsteps

Bitcoin in high circles – Chamath Palihapitiya, CEO of the Social Capital investment fund, has accustomed us to his very positive statements on Crypto Bull and cryptocurrencies. Today, this crypto-friendly billionaire announced his candidacy for Governor of California. A pro-crypto at the head of California? In the tweet below, the billionaire announces that he wants …


Decentralized digital identity: IOTA Identity is launched as an alpha version

The IOTA Foundation has released an alpha version of their upcoming decentralized identity solution “IOTA Identity”. The IOTA Foundation has published a first alpha version of its planned solution for digital decentralized identities, according to an IOTA blog post on November 12th. IOTA’s decentralized identity solution, called IOTA Identity, is intended to enable services, software …