Altcoins Hit New ATHs as Crypto Market Recovers

 20. February 2023      

• Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have risen 14% and 12%, respectively, over the past week.
• Several altcoins such as OKB, VELA, and OAS have also reached new all-time highs during this time.
• OKB announced the launch of OKBChain, VELA was recently airdropped, and OAS is exploring more collaborations in the gaming blockchain world.

Crypto Market Recap

The global crypto market cap rose by 2.7% to $1.12t as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) gained 14% and 12% respectively over the past week. Additionally, several altcoins have also hit their all-time highs during this period.


OKB has been on a steady rise over the past week but its price surged 15%, reaching an ATH of $52.8 after OKB announced the launch of OKBChain in Q1 of 2023. The immediate hurdle for OKB is at around $50 while Fibonacci retracement suggests that it could move up to $65 if Bitcoin continues its current momentum. At the moment, it is trading at $54.8 with a gain of 110.45% YTD and 207.63% in the last six months.


VELA token has been performing well since its recent airdrop with a daily trading volume of $27m and total volume of $11m in 8 days after Beta release on February 17th 2021 . The token also got listed on MEXC and there are roaming airdrops for Beta participants along with 50% gas fee slashing from Vela exchange which helped enable 2-3x improvement in UI load speeds for orders & positions . On Feb 18th 2021 ,VELA token hit an ATH at USD 7.65 before settling back to USD 6 .90 currently .


Oasys(OAS) price is currently at $0.12077, up 9.47% in the past 24 hours after hitting an ATH of 0$13011 on Feb 18th 2021 . This surge came after Oasys announced that it is exploring more collaborations in the gaming blockchain world along with blockchain-based services earlier this week followed by partnership with Avalanche yesterday which helped propel prices higher


Overall ,the crypto market continues to recover despite some temporary dips as we can see several altcoins reaching their all time highs led by news from their respective projects like OKBCHAIN launch ,Vela’s airdrop & Oasys’ partnerships & collaborations .